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Westport Softball - Instructional - Return to Play Plan
by posted 09/18/2020

Hi everyone, 

As a reminder, we have our first game this Sunday at 3 PM at Grasmere Field, located at 224 Colony St. in Fairfield. It is on the property of Grasmere Eldercare. We have been provided new saftey guildelines and we ask that you take some time to review them before the game. Sorry if the formatting isn't perfect. 


 Main Points:
- No more than 2-3 spectators per player
- Spectators need to wear a mask
- Players should bring a chair to sit in as dugouts are off-limits except for four batters when on offense
- Players need to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible in dugout area
- No gum, seeds, food allowed


FLLGS 2020 return to play safety plan


1. General guidelines

a. Rules and best practices may be revisited during the season based on experience and ongoing
guidance from governing bodies

  b. Every FLLGS player, parent, coach and volunteer has a role in maximizing communal safety. As such,
all are expected to abide by these guidelines and prioritize the collective welfare in our actions and


2. Scheduling

  a. To limit large crowds from gathering, events will be scheduled to ensure no more than one team (for
a practice) or two teams (for a game) are at a field at the same time

  b. For games, each team will have a designated arrival time to avoid congestion in parking lots prior to

        i. Generally:
                      1. Home teams will arrive 45-60 minutes before game time
                      2. Visiting teams will arrive 30-45 minutes before game time
        ii. Specific arrival times for each game will be determined by team managers and communicated
to teams on a game-by-game basis


3. Group size restrictions

  a. CT rules allows 50 people at an event, so no more than 1 family member per player allowed at the
              i. Parents who are coaching count as the 1 family member per game
              ii. All fans are required to maintain 6 feet of social distance
                     1. Masks are strongly encouraged at all times, and required if less than 6 feet of social
                         distancing can be ensured
                     2. Portable chairs are strongly encouraged


4. Equipment

  a. Every player will be required to have their own glove, helmet, and bat; individually-owned fielding
masks are strongly recommended but not required
             i. Inexpensive equipment can be purchased at most major retailers (online and in-store), and at
                dozens of online athletic equipment suppliers
  b. FLLGS will provide catcher's gear and fielder's masks for team use;
             i. Play will be structured so that this equipment will not be shared by multiple players during a
            ii. All "team" equipment will be disinfected between games


5. Food / water

  a. Players must bring their own water (team water coolers will not be permitted)
  b. Sunflower seeds, gum, and all other food will be prohibited at league events


6. PPE

  a. Players
                  i. Cloth masks required when player's team is at bat (families must provide their own)
                 ii. Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer for use between innings
                iii. Cloth masks optional (not required) when in the field

  b. Coaches
              i. Cloth masks required when in the dugout
             ii. Cloth masks optional (not required) when in the field


7. Pre-game

  a. No pre-game meeting at home plate

   b. No line up exchange
          i. Managers to inform other team of batters as they come to bat / ask for player to provide their


8. During Play

  a. Umpires
                  i. Two options for positioning (at the umpire's discretion)
                         1. 6 feet behind pitcher
                         2. 6 feet behind catcher, either directly in back of the player or behind the empty batter's
                               box (on the opposite of home plate from the batter)

b. Position rotations
               i. The intent of the following is to eliminate the sharing of equipment during games
              ii. 3 players will be designated to play 1B, 3B, and P each game
                   given a fielder’s mask for the day that they won’t have to share
              iii. 1-2 players per game designated as Catcher
                    Given catcher’s gear for the day that they won’t have to share
                iv. Other players rotate through SS, 2B, and OF positions
                Goal is to enable cycling through different positions but avoid sharing equipment during
                a game. Rotations can be modified at manager’s discretion if players have their own equipment

c. Dugouts / social distancing
  i. One coach is required to be in the dugout at all times
  ii. Only the first 4 batters due to bat will be allowed in the dugout
  iii. All other players will be socially distanced behind the dugout or sitting with their parents
       1-2 parent volunteers (not coaching) will be required to watch players not in the dugout
         to ensure social distancing is maintained. Note: Every manager, coach, and parent volunteer will be required to                    complete and pass a background check.


d. Game balls
  i. Each team will provide 2 game balls for use during the game, clearly and distinctly
  ii. Umpires will swap out balls between each 1/2 inning, so that each team only handles
"their" softballs when in the field


9. Post-game

  a. Expected to disperse immediately upon conclusion of the game/practice
           i. No post-game team meetings
          ii. No post-game handshake lines


10. Between games

  a. All team gear to be disinfected by team managers
      i. FLLGS to supply hospital-grade cleaner

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